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2009 Topps Heritage

Image # Var. Name Details Search
img-icon 58 a Jackson, Conor Rays logo on front ebay-icon
58 b Jackson, Conor Diamondbacks logo on front ebay-icon
img-icon 70 a Glavine, Tom First name misspelled "Thom" ebay-icon
img-icon 70 b Glavine, Tom Correct spelling ebay-icon
102 a Gonzalez, Adrian Rangers logo on front ebay-icon
102 b Gonzalez, Adrian Padres logo on front ebay-icon
img-icon 346 a Lewis, Fred Photo is actually Randy Winn ebay-icon
img-icon 346 b Lewis, Fred Corrected photo ebay-icon
img-icon 407 a Winn, Randy Photo is actually Fred Lewis ebay-icon
img-icon 407 b Winn, Randy Corrected photo ebay-icon
445 b Smoltz, John Pictured in Red Sox uniform ebay-icon
445 a Smoltz, John Pictured in Braves uniform ebay-icon
488 a Ramirez, Hanley Pictured in Red Sox uniform ebay-icon
488 b Ramirez, Hanley Pictured in Marlins uniform ebay-icon

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