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1981 Donruss

Image # Var. Name Details Search
7 a Dyer, Duffy 1980 Avg. .185 ebay-icon
7 b Dyer, Duffy 1980 Avg. 185 ebay-icon
23 a Smith, Dave Incomplete box around stats ebay-icon
23 b Smith, Dave Complete box around stats ebay-icon
26 a Ellis, John With bat; photo is actually Danny Walton ebay-icon
26 b Ellis, John With glove; corrected photo ebay-icon
51 a Donohue, Tom Donahue on front ebay-icon
51 b Donohue, Tom Corrected ebay-icon
56 a Garvey, Steve Surpassed 25 HR ebay-icon
56 b Garvey, Steve Surpassed 21 HR ebay-icon
71 a Bonds, Bobby Lifetime HR 986 ebay-icon
71 b Bonds, Bobby Lifetime HR 326 ebay-icon
72 a Stennett, Rennie "breaking broke leg" ebay-icon
72 b Stennett, Rennie "breaking leg" ebay-icon
82 a Charboneau, Joe "For some reason, Phillies..." ebay-icon
82 b Charboneau, Joe "Phillies..." ebay-icon
87 a Hisle, Larry "...Twins with 28 RBI." ebay-icon
87 b Hisle, Larry "...Twins with 28 HR." ebay-icon
97 a Burgmeier, Tom Throws: Right ebay-icon
97 b Burgmeier, Tom Throws: Left ebay-icon
131 a Rose, Pete "see card 251" ebay-icon
131 b Rose, Pete "see card 371" ebay-icon
143 UER Lacorte, Frank Photo is actually Randy Niemann ebay-icon
164 a Unser, Del No 3B in stat header ebay-icon
164 b Unser, Del 3B in stat header ebay-icon
240 a Lacey, Bob Lacy on front ebay-icon
240 b Lacey, Bob Corrected ebay-icon
261 a Ruhle, Vern Head shot; photo is actually Ken Forsch ebay-icon
261 b Ruhle, Vern Head to waist shot ebay-icon
306 a Matthews, Gary Mathews on front ebay-icon
306 b Matthews, Gary Corrected ebay-icon
319 a Kuiper, Duane Dwane on front ebay-icon
319 b Kuiper, Duane Corrected ebay-icon
326 a Thomas, Gorman "...30-HR mark 4th" ebay-icon
326 b Thomas, Gorman "...30-HR mark 3rd" ebay-icon
330 a Rogers, Steve Rodgers on front ebay-icon
330 b Rogers, Steve Corrected ebay-icon
342 a Splittorff, Paul Spittorff on front ebay-icon
342 b Splittorff, Paul Corrected ebay-icon
357 a Picciolo, Rob Bob on front ebay-icon
357 b Picciolo, Rob Bob on front ebay-icon
379 a Pujols, Luis Pulois on front ebay-icon
379 b Pujols, Luis Corrected ebay-icon
img-icon 444 a Martinez, Buck Photo reversed ebay-icon
444 b Martinez, Buck Corrected ebay-icon
457 a Tudor, John Lifetime W/L 9.7 ebay-icon
457 b Tudor, John Lifetime W/L 9-7 ebay-icon
483 a Dejesus, Ivan Lifetime hits 702 ebay-icon
483 b Dejesus, Ivan Lifetime hits 642 ebay-icon
490 a Roberts, Dave "Showed pop..." ebay-icon
490 b Roberts, Dave "Declared himself..." ebay-icon
516 a Norwood, Willie "Spent most..." ebay-icon
516 b Norwood, Willie "Traded to..." ebay-icon
524 a Burris, Ray "Went on..." ebay-icon
524 b Burris, Ray "Drafted by..." ebay-icon
532 a Zahn, Jeff "Was 2nd in..." ebay-icon
532 b Zahn, Jeff "Signed a 3 year..." ebay-icon
554 a Vail, Mike "After..." ebay-icon
554 b Vail, Mike "Traded..." ebay-icon
555 a Martin, Jerry "Overcame..." ebay-icon
555 b Martin, Jerry "Traded..." ebay-icon
556 a Figueroa, Jesus "Had..." ebay-icon
556 b Figueroa, Jesus "Traded..." ebay-icon
563 a Owchinko, Bob "Traded..." ebay-icon
563 b Owchinko, Bob "Involved..." ebay-icon
566 a Adams, Glenn Glen on front ebay-icon
566 b Adams, Glenn Corrected ebay-icon
595 a Edwards, Dave "Sidelined..." ebay-icon
595 b Edwards, Dave "Traded..." ebay-icon

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