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1963 Topps

Image # Var. Name Details Search
29 a 1962 Rookie Stars, ebay-icon
29 b 1962 Rookie Stars,
54 a 1962 Rookie Stars, ebay-icon
54 b 1962 Rookie Stars,
102 a 2nd Series Checklist, "Checklist" in red on yellow ebay-icon
102 b 2nd Series Checklist, "Checklist" in white on red
img-icon 341 a Baldschun, Jack White slash across body in inset photo ebay-icon
img-icon 341 b Baldschun, Jack Slash repaired with red ebay-icon
431 a 6th Series Checklist, "Checklist" in black on front ebay-icon
431 b 6th Series Checklist, "Checklist in white on front
454 a Fowler, Art Card # on orange background ebay-icon
454 b Fowler, Art Card # on white background ebay-icon
509 a 7th Series Checklist, Copyright centered ebay-icon
509 b 7th Series Checklist, Copyright to the right

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